February 20, 2024
The guild can escape from the second league even if it does not score 42 points

The guild can escape from the second league even if it does not score 42 points

We said some time ago that you need to add 42 pips to escape the drop. With 26 points so far, the team will have to add another 16, which equates to about 44% of the 36 points still available. But, all of that may not be necessary.

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In the last years , car He came to escape relegation with 39 points in 2019, when Sea trip He was demoted to sophomore year and never returned. It was the lowest score, surpassing Palmeiras 2014, who survived by 40 points – this would be the second drop in 3 years, having fallen in 2012.

And it could be even less, there is nothing guaranteeing 42 points not to fall. Until recently, it was pretty common to hear that with 45 points no team was relegated. However, there was already a team that failed to make that much, it was Curitiba in 2009.

In the 2020-21 Premier League, where only the last three were relegated and the first-placed scored far more than the Brazilian League, the 16th, which was in the elite, had 41 points, and the previous year West Ham had 39 points, at the same time . Location.

A guild can escape with less than 42 points

If you score less than 39 points, the team will almost certainly be relegated, so you still have 13 more points. In addition, it is necessary to hope that the group below will continue to lose games And connect each other.

The last round was a great example, just Bahia He won, and it was against Chapecoense, who actually landed. So, if teams fighting relegation lose more points, the immortal may get away with less than 42 points.

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