March 29, 2023

The IR 2023 program has been submitted to Thursday

A week ahead of schedule, Federal Revenue is releasing this Thursday 9, generator program for this year’s announcement – with 2022 income. The generator program can be downloaded on the Federal Revenue website or through the app my income taxAvailable for Android and iOS smartphones.

However, the deadline for filing an income tax return has not changed and will run from March 15 to May 31. The only change concerns the possibility for the taxpayer to leave the declaration filed, days before it is forwarded to the institution.

In terms of revenue, the generator program forecast will also help avoid congestion, which usually occurs on the first day of ad delivery, when a large stream of users is concentrated trying to download the application or generator program.

“The expectation of the PGD – the program that generates the declaration – helps the taxpayer, who, having access to the information necessary for the delivery of the declaration, can organize himself and collect the necessary documents. In addition, possible crowding should be avoided, ”explaining the tax authorities.

Submission of the pre-filled statement will continue to be scheduled for the original date, March 15th. According to the agency, only on that date will it be possible to collect information from tax returns sent at the end of February by employers, financial institutions and health plans and cross-reference them with the current database.


The rules for the individual income tax return for 2023 were announced on the 27th. Among the novelties is priority in receiving refunds from those who choose to receive via Pix, provided the key is on Citizen Individual Taxpayer (CPF) registration, and those who use the pre-filled form.

For investors, the declaration will only be mandatory if he sells shares whose sum, in the aggregate, exceeds R$40,000 or if he makes a profit from selling the shares in 2022 according to the collection of the IR. Previously, any taxpayer who had bought or sold shares in the previous year had to declare, regardless of the amount.