March 4, 2024

The last of us | Where and when to watch HBO series

the last of us, One of the most interesting series of 2023 is finally out This Sunday (15). Based on a hit game from before obedient dog And Play Stationthe production features an all-star cast such as Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) And Bella Ramsey (game of thrones).

With the adaptation arriving, find out where and when the first episode will be released.

In addition to being available on HBO Max streaming, HBO will signal subscribers of certain cable TV operators to attend the premiere of The Last of Us. The broadcaster signal will be open to subscribers of Claro, SKY, Directv Go and VIVO between January 13th and 15th.

Episodes will be available From 11 pmAccording to Brasilia time.

Based on the game of the same name, the story takes place 20 years after the imminent extinction of humanity due to the fungal infection Cordyceps. That’s when Joel (Pascal) is hired to get Ellie (Ramsey) out of the quarantine zone – but what should be a simple job for him becomes a brutal journey across the United States, as they both rely on each other to survive.

Next to Pedro Pascal And Bella symbolicAnd The last of us you have in the cast Anna Torv (margin), Gabriel Luna (finisher), Nico Parker (Dumbo), Nick Offerman (Amusement parks and resorts), Murray Bartlett (white lotus) And Storm Reed (trance).

The script will be responsible Craig Mazinin ChernobylAnd Neil Druckmannone of the founders of the game. Caroline Strauss And Rose L Executive producers, along Evan WellsHead of the development department obedient dog. will be the trend Cantemir Palagovwho will work with him Yasmila Shabani And Ali Abbasi.

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