July 14, 2024

The leaked image shows the supposed crack on the screen of MacBooks Pro – MacMagazine

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Conceito de MacBook Pro com notch
Conceito de MacBook Pro com notch

This week, a strange rumor related to futures contracts MacBooks Pro 14″ and 16″ mentioned The possibility that laptops come with outages Similar to iPhones.

Because today leaker I found DuanRui Posted on Weibo – From user AnyTurtle999 – which is supposed to display MBPs. DuanRui stressed, however, even with this possible slitWe won’t have Face ID — but we’ll keep using Touch ID, even if Apple drops the Touch Bar, rumors suggest.

Apparently, in this space we will have a FaceTime camera (maybe 1080p), a microphone and an ambient light sensor for True Tone.

Of course, this is all still a rumor and should be taken into account with great trepidation. But, if confirmed, despite having a nice break on the screen, the width bounds/margins will actually be a lot smaller than what we currently have.

To illustrate these changes, Designed by designer Parker Ortolani concept below.

MacBook Pro concept with notch

This is because References already found (in macOS Monterey beta) new resolutions of 3024 x 1964 pixels and 3456 x 2234 pixels (for 14 ohms and 16 megabytes, respectively); By subtracting 74 pixels from the height of both (for crop only), the new 3024 x 1890 and 3456 x 2160 resolutions equate to a 16:10 aspect ratio — found on all models sold today.

NS 9to5Mac argue that it slit Those on a Mac will probably be less intrusive than on an iPhone — because of the macOS menu bar.

If we think about it, the center of the Mac screen is usually empty because the menu bar items don’t quite take up that place. he looks like The new MacBook Pro should come with Mini-LED screens, Apple can use a black menu bar on these models, blending into a file slit (This makes the incision less visible).

what do you think? Are you ready for such drastic changes?! 😛

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