June 24, 2024

The management tries to hide it, but the cigarette turns into a fight in A Fazenda 13

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Direção tenta disfarçar, mas cigarro vira briga em A Fazenda 13

The director tries to hide it, but cigarettes turn into a fight in A Fazenda 13. Photo: Reproduction / PlayPlus

Alcohol and cigarettes are taboo subjects of the “A Fazenda 13” trend. Even before this season’s first appearance on Record TV, they had already confirmed that pedestrians would have a designated smoking spot and away from the cameras. Moreover, the pedestrian relationship with Alcohol is a source of stress every week when they arrive at the party. But all this interest in such everyday matters was in vain on Sunday the fifth of December.

During the dynamics of the night, pedestrians need to make pedestrian temperatures warmer and cooler, according to those on their nerves. But, another discussion between City Matos NS Rico Melquiades They made everything stop talking about a common topic: tobacco. It all started because he accused the person of trying to be someone he is not, because she “hides” that she smokes. Influencer Bahian who Already argued with the pawn again, he reported insulting other people in the house.

“You are someone who insults and insults people. I am a person who pays my bills and does what I want with my life, I am an independent woman. You are a person who offends and insults people,” he said, while Riku insisted that the girl’s speech be cut short.

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In response, he said that he “only talks about what he sees” within the reality show and does not bring criticism from outside the home to the program. “I tell you what I see. I speak what I see, I do not judge things on the outside. I have never said anything about your life on the outside,” she touched the pawn.

After that, Rico confirmed that she is trying to convey a message that she is not, because she does not talk about the fact that she smokes, like himself and other pedestrians in the house. “He who hides from the public is Stefan, my people. She wants to pass something that you do not. I speak because I smoke! Don’t do it! By the way, if you want to do it too, do it!”, he thought.

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It got out of hand and they couldn’t get the dynamics working for nearly ten minutes of screaming. After that, the situation began to try to interfere. Talk about it and remember that passers-by cannot comment on the topic indoors.

In addition, Funkeiro revealed that he had already been reprimanded by the production for talking about cigarettes inside the house. In fact, he confirmed that they invited him to the Closet to speak: “Guys, this topic shouldn’t be discussed here. I was actually called there because of it. It shouldn’t be talked about here. It’s already been talked about.”

This isn’t the first time the relationship between tobacco and A Fazenda has generated friction. newly, Diane drug production request It ended up creating an atmosphere inside the house. Moreover, they joked about the presence of herbs so that they could make cigarettes in the game.

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