June 14, 2024

Irmão de Marília Mendonça releases posthumous music for the artist and sings with Maiara and Maraisa on the Fantástico stage | Wonderful

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Foto: (Reprodução/Globo)

A month after Marilia Mendonca’s death, her brother, Gustavo, released the artist’s first posthumous song, “Calculista”. On stage at Fantástico, Gustavo – his praises Dom Vittor – told Maiara and Maraisa, with whom they formed Marília As Patroas, how they beat the last few weeks and chose to continue with the launch plan. Watch the report and the songs in the video above.

Mayara and Marisa said they received a lot of strength from fans and groups of friends to move forward.

“We have to thank God for these moments that we had, for the opportunities, and for all her genius, that she was always on the way forward. She lived everything so intensely,” comments Marissa. “Genius, prepare everything,” adds Miara.

Dom Vitor and Gustavo sing a song

Dom Vitor and Gustavo sing the posthumous song “Calculista” by Marília Mendonça

At first, when it all happened, my thoughts stopped. But then I could see things happen the natural way. And thinking: “Oh man, if you stop, I will bear the pain of losing my sister. And the pain of having failed in what she sent me. She pointed to Dom and I, do you get that? ”

Gustavo, brother of Marilia Mendonca

During the interview, Poliana Abreta and Magu Coutinho asked the four Who had the strongest supportive shoulder this month. The answer was unanimous:

Marisa: I say my greatest strength came from Ruth (Marilla Mendonca’s mother).

Gustavo: for me too.

Dom Vitor: for me too.

Marisa: Sure, we’re all here. She said, “Guys, let’s stay calm. God knows everything, I’m grateful for everything I’ve lived with my daughter.”

Watch the version of “As Patroas” on Fantástico: Marília Mendonça and Maiara & Maraísa launch the new Patroas project for the trio

Gustavo and Dom Vitor released the first posthumous song for Marilia Mendonca. She shows herself in the “Calculist” video. They also sang the song Perfect Angle and “Forget Me If You Can”, this song with Maiara and Maraisa. See the sections below.

Mayara, Marisa, Dom Vitor and Gustavo sing

Miara, Marisa, Dom Vitor and Gustavo sing “Forget Me If You Can”

Dom Vitor and Gustavo sing a song

Dom Vitor and Gustavo sing “Perfect Angle”

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