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Vuk says that Tata Wernick left the script in “Lady Night” and denies it

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Posted on 05/12/2021 2:22 PM / Updated on 05/12/2021 2:25 PM

    (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

(Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

After the atmosphere that arose during a recorded interview for the Lady Knight program, the singer Viuk sparked more controversy when he spoke on social networks on Saturday (4/12) and stated that the presenter and comedian Tata Wernick left the script and asked him questions that he did not agree with the singer, the reason would have embarrassed him in the interview. However, Tata denied that he combined texts with those interviewed.

“We arranged a few things before the show, wrote a script and such. So at the time of the live broadcast, it was normal, it ended up coming out a bit off the script, there were some questions we didn’t agree on, so it ended up running off the ground, I was embarrassed about that. time and I didn’t know how to act, ”explained Fuchs, after saying that he had already spoken to Tata.

“It’s okay, Tata has already texted me, I have already spoken to her, she has already apologized to me and everything is really fine,” he said.

However, due to the singer’s appearance, Tatá took to Twitter to deny Fiuk’s release and explained that before recording the show, he only talks about paintings and asks about the topic he can’t talk about during the interview. “For anyone who might be interested: I don’t match scripts with anyone on the show. […] The only tire that has been incorporated is a “pie with climão”, which I made last season.”

The presenter even explained to the singer’s fans, who were complaining with her about the situation. “He apologized, inventing something that didn’t happen. Then he was withdrawn,” Tata said. For another fan of the singer, she said that she indicated what she was going to talk about. “I didn’t agree to any scenario! I asked what I couldn’t talk about. He told me. Then I said, ‘I’m going to talk about BBB. I’m going to make fun of cigarettes. I’m going to talk about Juliet,'” he explained.

“Clemon Pie”

Rumors about a feud between Tatá and Fiuk have been around since August, when the episode was taped with the singer. On the show’s run last week, viewers finally understood what had happened.. In the interview, which seemed to have a few cuts, Fuchs doesn’t seem to like being asked about the (almost) relationships he’s had with Juliet and what he’s had with Taissa Carvalho.

“You said it’d be funny, and you wouldn’t make fun of me. F***, right,” said Fuchs, “I was born, I know.” But I have a lot of difficulty.”

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