February 27, 2024

The new change for those who have Whatsapp on their Android phone that surprised everyone

WhatsApp is always developing and testing new features for the app. The latest WhatsApp beta update for Android, version, brought a file The new change: The option to manage the chat interface on tablets surprised everyone.

For those who have not had the opportunity to use the application on a tablet or even do not remember what the version looks like, it is easier to compare it with the web version of the application, where the conversation menu appears, and when you click on a conversation, it opens the conversation on the side.

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Users of the beta app are still in testing, and can disable the side-by-side view by toggling the option available in WhatsApp Settings > Chats. Thanks to this option, users now have more control over the WhatsApp interface on their Android tablets.

One of the advantages of disabling side-by-side viewing on WhatsApp is getting a larger interface for reading conversations. Side-by-side viewing divides the screen, which can result in a smaller space per conversation, especially on devices with smaller screens. In addition, some users simply prefer the traditional single window view and may find the side-by-side view distracting or uncomfortable.

Facebook live status

For those who follow Site news contestsIt is not news that WhatsApp has been developing a status sharing function to be published on WhatsApp in Facebook Stories. In WhatsApp beta for Android, some beta testers – as the participants of the WhatsApp test program are called – they are already starting to try out the new.

A new Facebook option appears directly in your WhatsApp Status privacy settings, and by enabling this feature, status updates will be automatically posted to your Facebook Story, without leaving WhatsApp.

In addition, you can control which status updates are always shared, as well as manage who can see shared status updates on your Facebook Story from within the Facebook app. Something similar is happening between Instagram and Facebook, which could mean that in the future, something will be launched for Meta’s other social network as well.

Obviously, the resource is useful for those who like to post statuses and stories, as they always share similar content on different platforms. In the past, says WABetaInfo, a website that specializes in WhatsApp updates, there was already a similar feature, but users were required to share status updates each time. With this feature, the process is automated to save the users time.

Whatsapp will stop working for these people; See any! Photo: Pixabay

A new solution for small businesses

The WhatsApp development team is also working on new features for small businesses and entrepreneurs. In the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android,, WABetaInfo found that the app is working on a new business tool that will help small businesses connect with their customers more easily.

While large companies can use the WhatsApp Business API to reach their customers, smaller companies may have struggled. This is why WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will also help small businesses with messaging campaigns.

The intent is that companies can create campaign messages to send out promotions, reminders, or even personalized holiday sales updates. This will be done more efficiently by eliminating the need to manually send the same message to multiple clients.

When companies want to use this feature, they can create a sample message that includes the customer’s name and more. After creating and sending the campaign message, companies will also be able to track their performance to see how it is helping them grow their business.

From the code, it appears that this feature will be available upon payment of certain fees which may vary from country to country. In addition, companies will be able to easily manage the cost of each message sent so they can ensure they stay within budget. Since it is a commercial tool, this Campaign Messages feature will not be available in the regular WhatsApp app.