February 28, 2024

Revolutionary artificial intelligence will fix “wrong” photos in 2023

Have you seen pictures of tourists carrying the Eiffel Tower like a toy? Or the one where people pretend to support the Leaning Tower of Pisa, taking advantage of its inclination? These photos have become memes not only for being famous clichés, but also for the hilarious “behind the scenes” photos.

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From time to time, a request appears on social media for someone to edit a photo and remove an unwanted object. However, this request usually ends up backfiring against the student, as the editing experts add additional elements, completely change the context of the image, and manipulate everything except what is required.


Google I/O 2023

So with all this information, let’s move on to the news: During the Google I/O 2023 event, this past Wednesday afternoon (05/10), a new Google Photos feature was announced that promises to easily end the joke and make those lives easier. Who want to patch photos with unwanted elements.

magic editor

This feature, called “Magic Editor”, uses artificial intelligence to make various adjustments to the images stored in Google Photos. With it, you can move and delete image elements, enlarge and shrink elements, improve background lighting, and even add details that weren’t captured in the original image.

With this new function, it will be possible to transform an image damaged by an unwanted element or to correct a cloudy day, replacing it with a sunny sky, all without having to use other editing software.

A new feature will be coming by the end of 2023

It is expected that the “Magic Editor” function will be released in Google Photos by the end of the year. Google has stressed the importance of user feedback to improve the technology, which is unlikely to be fully developed at launch. However, looking at the dedicated photo editing software available on the Internet, Google can rest assured.

Launched in 2015, Google Photos has become a leading photo editing platform, being widely adopted by users all over the world. With an astonishing average of 1.7 billion photos edited per month, this tool has established itself as a preferred choice for enhancing photos and turning them into unforgettable moments.