May 28, 2023

What Apple does with the iPhone is under scrutiny

As one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world, Apple is under investigation for something that even hurts you.

Apple is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the entire world. Created by Steve Jobs, the company revolutionized the smartphone market we use today.

The truth is that we know that Apple releases its new iPhone, which is the company’s main sales vehicle, almost annually, and it is currently in its fourteenth edition.

And one of the most frequent criticisms of mobile phone users of the American brand is precisely the useful life of the device.

For example: Apple often releases new update for its IOS, and this update comes with new widgets, layouts, apps, improved app speed, etc.

iPhone 7, for example, launched a few years ago, will no longer receive the latest update, which slows down the cell phone and “forces” the user to buy a more modern phone.

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Are apples processed?

Last Monday (15) in Paris, the Public Prosecutor’s Office said that France has been investigating, since December, possible practices by Apple to limit the useful life of its products, in particular its smartphones.

The complaint was filed by the HOP, due to alleged deceptive business practices and “planned obsolescence”.

This link indicated, in a statement, his expectation that the investigation would allow “Punish and prove the criminal nature of serialization practices” Apple logo company.

Sequencing consists of “associating serial numbers of product components with smartphone components, in particular via microchips,” explains HOP.

In this way, the manufacturer can “limit the repair of its device by unauthorized repairmen and even damage to the smartphone with ‘general’ components from a distance,” he adds.

In short, according to the investigation, Apple managed to reduce the useful life of some smartphones through a far-reaching program controlled by the company.

In February 2020, Apple agreed to pay a fine of €25 million (R$133.7 million) in France for deceptive business practices.

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