June 13, 2024

The new distribution center in Minas will create 300 direct jobs – Gerais

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The new distribution center in Minas will create 300 direct jobs - Gerais
distribution center
The distribution center has the capacity to store 4.5 million items (Photo: Rafael Bernardo)

city Intense Continue to attract new companies and stand out in the job generation No south of Minas. Last Friday (27/8) Infracommerce opened its own distribution center in the city. With the new installation, the company will create about 300 direct jobs, reaching more than 500 during Black Friday.

The distribution center has been operating since the beginning of July. With an area of ​​more than 23,000 square meters and a storage capacity of 4.5 million pieces, the warehouse serves, among other companies, one of the world’s largest sporting goods brands, the American Nike.

“We are a technology company whose business focus is on providing the end consumer with an excellent shopping journey. With this opening, we will be able to provide more customers with the experience of receiving their products at home in less time,” says CEO and Founder of Infracommerce, Kai Schoppen.

The strategic location of Extrema contributes to the logistics of product distribution, as the municipality is close to the main centers. This brings benefits to both the company that saves on the transportation of goods and the consumer who seeks quick delivery.

Other attractions

The tax exemption offered by Extrema also helps with the implementation of new projects in the municipality. According to Infracommerce, in addition to the non-expected tax, calculated on the estimated selling price, the percentage of tax on the sale is smaller. “We have been able to provide better tax efficiency, which directly affects the formation of our customers’ profit margins,” explains the company’s CEO.

Attracting global brands is one of the economic and social development strategies adopted by the Government of Minas Gerais, says Executive Director of the Agency for the Promotion of Investment and Foreign Trade of Minas Gerais (INDY), Joe Paulo Santos.

The first items stored in galp
The first items stored in the shed are Nike products (Photo: Rafael Bernardo)

“These big brands, such as Nike – which is now opening its partnership with Infracommerce for logistics operations in Minas – bring vision and help to reflect the good results and success of our policy of attracting investment. Another achievement that revitalizes this cycle and sets the state on the path of other large companies”, emphasizes Joe Paulo Santos.

Job creation at Extreme

Extrema is leading job generation in southern Minas, according to data from the Public Register of Employed and Unemployed Persons (Caged). In the first half of 2021, 2,427 new vacancies were created.

The municipality has attracted many companies. Earlier this year, for example, Mercado Livre opened its distribution center in Extrema. About 1.4 thousand direct and indirect jobs were created with the installation.

Magalu also announced the expansion of its distribution center, which serves Netshoes operations. Activities at this new annex are expected to begin in early September, with 500 jobs created.

(Gabriella Starnick/Special for MS)

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