May 28, 2023

“The offer is R$278 million, entitled to…”; Grêmio hopes Pepê will be sold and take home a truckload of money


Tricolor is entitled to receive added value from the attacker, which is formed in its basic classes

Photo: (Octavio Passos/Getty Images) Pepê, former Grêmio, on the hike in Porto, Portugal

On Wednesday (29), Grêmio met its opponent in the third stage of the Copa do Brasil, ABC, after a draw conducted by the Brazilian Football Confederation. While Renato Portaluppi continues to prepare the team for the Gauchão Final, the board is working behind the scenes to put planning for 2023 into action. With budget goals set, Tricolor is rooting for Pepê, from Porto, Portugal, to be sold and truckloads of money home.

Sold to the European market in 2021 for €15 million (about R$98.1 million at the time), Pepê was a fixture at Porto and, for this reason, attracted the interest of giants such as Arsenal and Chelsea, both from England, who looked for the player. Athlete and appeared as candidates. According to GE, the attacker received contacts from teams in Spain and France. The trend is to sell the 26-year-old in the next transfer window.

Pepê has a fine of €75m (about R$418m at current prices) at Porto, but his staff has already been sought and they have an offer of €50m (about R$278m). Grêmio, in turn, is entitled to 12.5% ​​of what is called surplus value. Meaning, if the striker leaves the aforementioned bid value, 4.3 million euros (about R$23.9 million) will enter the tricolor coffers. The Portuguese club is taking the athlete’s departure as a given behind the scenes.

Photo: (Fernando Alves/AGIF) – Pepê popped up in Grêmio before he went to Europe

And Pepê isn’t the only one who could turn a profit for Imortal, as Vanderson, from Monaco, is also on the rise in the market and could move to a new European destination in the middle of the year. The right-back was sold by the Tricolor board at the end of 2021 for €11m (about R$70m at the time). It is noteworthy that Grêmio retained 10% of the economic rights of the 21-year-old player and will receive a certain amount in future negotiations with the French.

Pepe is missing in Grêmio?

Pepe is missing in Grêmio?

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