June 5, 2023

America x Atlético: See the Mineiro Final ticket breakdown

The attendance expectation for América x Atlético is 18,000 (Photo: Mourão Panda/América)

The division of tickets for the derby match between América and Atlético has been decided on Wednesday (29/03), in a meeting between the clubs and the Football Association of Minas Gerais (FMF). The teams play the first leg of the Mineiro Final on Saturday, 4:30pm, in Independencia.

As a visitor, Atlético will have 7,000 tickets, about 31% of Independência’s maximum capacity. The Venegra crowd will be able to stay at gates 2, 9 and 10, while the American crowd will enter gates 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9. The expected attendance is 18,459 people.

Gates 7 and 9 will be a mixed sector, where both fans will be able to watch the match together. The sector will be exclusive to guests, and there will be no sale. Coelho fans enter through Gate 7 (Rua Pitangui) and Atlético fans, through Gate 9 (Rua Ismênia).

Ticket prices for Coelho fans range from R$150 for a full ticket at Gate 3 to R$130 at Gate 6. Depending on the club, members can purchase additional tickets at half price.

Sales to US fans will be physical only and will start from Thursday, 2pm, at Loja do América.

For Atlético fans, the sales will be online. On the day of the match, there will be actual sales for Galo fans at the ticket office on Rua Ismênia