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The United States is considering sending soldiers to an embassy in Kyiv – 05/23/2022

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WASHINGTON, May 23 (ANSA) – The Pentagon and the US State Department are evaluating the possibility of sending special forces to protect the US Embassy in Kyiv.

This information was revealed by Defense Department spokesman, John Kirby, to the “Washington Post” newspaper, Monday (23).

“We are studying the security conditions of the diplomatic office in Ukraine, but no decision has been taken,” Kirby confirmed.

Earlier, the “Wall Street Journal” revealed that US military and diplomats are evaluating the possibility of sending special forces to protect the US embassy in Kyiv, which has just reopened.

According to US sources, the proposal, however, has not yet been submitted to US President Joe Biden.

At a news conference this afternoon, the US Army’s Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, said the decision should be made by the Democrat, “but no plans have been drawn up or presented to the Secretary of Defense.”

The United States reopened its embassy in Kyiv on May 18, after a three-month shutdown due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On this occasion, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that “the Ukrainian people, with the help of security from us, defended their homeland against the unthinkable invasion of Russia, and as a result, the American flag is once again flying in the embassy.” (Ansa)

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