June 25, 2024

The video shows a humanoid robot with very realistic facial expressions

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The video shows a humanoid robot with very realistic facial expressions

Subsidiary robotic called engineering engineering, based United kingdom, video featuring Ameca: an impressive humanoid robot with frighteningly realistic facial expressions.

According to the company, its creation “represents the latest in humanoid robotics technology,” as it was specifically designed as a platform for developing future robotics technologies. “AI and machine learning systems can be tested and developed in Ameca,” the promotional material says.

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At the moment, the gray robot is unable to walk. “There are many obstacles that must be overcome before Ameca can walk,” the company explains. “Walking is a challenging task for a robot, and while we’ve done research on it, we haven’t created a complete walking human.”

However, this may change over time, according to the developer, the modular architecture of the robot allows for future upgrades, both physical and softwareTo hone your skills.

The robot was created to serve as an application platform for artificial intelligence algorithms

All these “faces and mouths” that a robot can make are important tools to facilitate human-machine interaction. This is the goal of engineering. “Ameca is the ideal platform for developing interactions between us humans and any metaverse or digital world,” says the product’s website.

Ameca humanoid robot is a platform for applying machine intelligence systems. Photo: Engineering Arts

This means that scientists are working on developing computer systems Artificial intelligence They can use it as a tool to implement their own algorithms. “IA is usually just computer code, and it’s not as dramatic as our real-life characters. But it is used for speech recognition and face/object recognition, with which our robots can be programmed,” the company explains.

For this purpose, Ameca is available for sale and rent. Since the values ​​are not disclosed by Engineered Arts, interested parties should keep in touch To request a quote and more information.

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