June 25, 2024

There is an update! New WhatsApp function creates customizable “avatar”

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WhatsApp functionality prevents people from leaving you in a vacuum

New post for The WhatsApp It promises to change the lives of users of the most popular messaging platform on the planet. Some people claim that it will be more interesting than the figurines, which were very successful in launching.

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The new WhatsApp functionality will allow all people connected to an official account to do something very interesting. It will be possible to create and customize a special type of avatar for each type of user profile.

Understand better the new function of WhatsApp: customizable avatar

By all indications, this Android app will only have one possibility. It can be customizable the way you want it. Thus, your account will be an extra touch to your home and full of personality.

This means that you will be able to use an image that perfectly expresses your personality. The information was made available by the messaging testing website, WABetaInfo.

When will the new job be in the app

The novelty is already found in the beta version of the Android operating system. This is WhatsApp beta According to the portal, the feature will soon also win over iOS (iPhone) devices.

According to the information, the avatar will be three-dimensional, as if it were a moving doll. Can be used in chat, chat rooms and groups. It can even be applied as a profile picture, filter, and in video calls made by the platform.

There is no official date for the new WhatsApp functionality to reach the final versions of the app. Soon, the platform should comment on or release the matter.

Many users were excited about the novelty and dynamism it can bring to the messaging app. It is worth noting that WhatsApp is always investing in improvements to retain its audience more, given the competition that other programs face.

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