March 3, 2024

This new orchid was found in Japan and its petals look like art glass

A Spiranthes hachiojoensis (Journal of Plant Research)

Since Japan’s flora has already been extensively studied and documented, the discovery of new plant species is fascinating. Rare event.


However, a team of scientists from Kobe University I recently discovered a new abundant species of orchid, the Spiranthes hachiojoensiswith rose petals bearing an uncanny resemblance to glass art.

Although the orchid was initially seen near an island belonging to Tokyo, Hachijo, further research has shown that its range is much wider than previously expected, extending into familiar environments such as parks or lawns, and even in private gardens and balconies.

These results indicate that many new species are likely to be found.”hiddenIn public spaces, reducing the need for explorers to venture into remote areas, such as rainforests, to discover.

The genus Spiranthes is the most widespread orchid species in Japan and It has been admired for centuriesincludes a remarkable group of orchids, and shows a number of distinct morphological features.

Because their white or pink flowers are usually arranged in a spiral around a central stem, these orchids are often referred to as “Girls braids“.

By conducting a detailed 10-year study of species collected from different regions of Japan, Taiwan and Laos, the researchers provided morphological, phylogenetic and ecological evidence to recognize S.hachijoensis as a new species of orchid, high level of molecular divergence from their relatives.

According to specialists, the discovery of these new species hidden in common spaces, such as gardens, lawns or even private gardens and balconies, highlights the Need constant explorationeven in seemingly ordinary scenarios.

A comprehensive description of the morphology, phenology, phylogeny and ecology of this new orchid species was recently published in Journal of Plant Research.

Fonte: Journal of Plant Research