June 5, 2023

Do you want to know which mobile phone has the best camera in Brazil? The website did the test

One of Apple’s recent releases, the iPhone 14 Pro, has drawn attention for its high-quality camera, according to a survey conducted by the DxOMark testing platform. In the global ranking of the best cameras, the cell phone appears in fifth place, right after the Honor Magic5 Pro, Huawei Mate 50 Pro, Google Pixel 7 Pro and Honor Magic4 Ultimate models. It is worth noting that none of them are officially for sale in Brazil.

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The standout feature keeps users happy even with a launch Galaxy S23 UltraSamsung’s best model. See more information about Apple’s cell phone throughout the text.

Pros and cons of the camera of this cell phone

The research also showed that the iPhones 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max make the list of the best in the world in photography due to three factors, which include video, portrait mode, and preview features that analyze image resolution in comparison to perception.

Reasons cited as favorable to consumers regarding the camera include a great experience with the front and rear features. a model It also works well when taking photos and videos of people under any circumstances.

Images deliver fidelity by reproducing natural skin tones and contrasts.

Another positive point is the zoom which has a good quality range as well as the preview which shows high resolution rates. Another factor pointed out is the satisfactory experience with the selfie, which has an impact peachwhich prevents the images from appearing artificial.

On the other hand, the study also revealed points that users did not like, starting with the loss of detail, whether in photos taken indoors or those recorded from a distance. Also, noise may be noticed in videos captured using the selfie feature.

The final negative point indicated is the difficulty in obtaining an item Quality In photos taken in low-light environments, which lack accurate reproduction of skin tone.

iPhone 14 Pro went on sale in October last year, with prices starting at R$9,499. Already to get the iPhone 14 Pro Max, users need to shell out the initial amount of R$10,499. It is worth noting that last week, the iPhone 14 in the yellow version also began to be sold.

The model has improvements in battery life and design.