June 18, 2024

Time passed: see how the actress who played Callisto in “Xena” is doing

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Time passed: see how the actress who played Callisto in “Xena” is doing

The series “Xena: Warrior Princess” was released in 1995. In the plot, a warrior begins a journey in search of redemption for her crimes committed in the past.

Xena travels alongside her best friend, Gabrielle, through ancient Greece encountering enemies of all kinds.

Among the characters in the cast Callisto, a brave warrior crosses the path of the protagonist. Played by American actress Heidi Hudson. Born in Ohio, United States, Hudson turned 53 years old on May 9th.

The actress has taught yoga for 10 years and has three certifications in the area. Over the years, I have specialized in meditation techniques such as Hatha and Vipassana.

Early in her career, Heidi took drama and fantasy courses to improve her voice. She was rejected in some TV auditions, until she landed her first role as an extra in the CBS series “Schoolbreak Special”.

A year later, he got a small role in “Lei & Ordem”. He still played the character of Tracy Stone on ‘University Hospital’ and starred in the series ‘Melrose’, appearing in nine episodes.

After putting aside her acting career in 1995, Hudson made a comeback in 1996 with appearances in “Hijacked: Flight 285,” “Dangerous Cargo,” and finally, “Xena: Warrior Princess.”

Currently, the star is devoted to yoga and always posts videos, lives and photos on this topic on her official Instagram profile.

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