July 22, 2024

UOL poll opens partially to who is leaving and which points decided to vote TV news

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UOL poll opens partially to who is leaving and which points decided to vote TV news
UOL poll opens partially to who is leaving and which points decided to vote TV news

The eliminated BBB 23 will be revealed on Tuesday night (14). Since the announcement of the formation of the wall, Larissa Santos is the most at risk of leaving the program. She feuds with Cesar Black, Domitilla Barros, and Ricardo Camargo, but has much more disapproval among the public.

The physical education teacher leads surveys for major entertainment sites. in a survey the news, which has more than 77,000 participants, has 65.71% of the vote. Ricciardo appears second in the standings with 23.17%. Domitilla and Black support players in the conflict, at 7.01% and 4.10%, respectively.

In the UOL survey, with more than 239,000 respondents, the scenario is the same. It is noteworthy that the Santa Catarina player is the likely candidate to be eliminated this Tuesday, with a rate of 78.03%. It was followed by lettuce, at 12.62%. In third place came Domitilla with 6.98%, and finally came Black with 2.37%. Involved:


BBB 23: Who leaves on the ninth wall?

The poll percentages are not official and do not influence voting on the Globo website Gshow. The indexes represent only the desire of a part of the viewers of the program, but the final result will be announced by Tadeo Schmidt on the Tuesday program, after Travisia.

Fence formation

This past Sunday (12), leader MC Guimê recommended Cesar Black to the wall. Allen Whirley is immunized with the power of an angel by Larissa and Cesar. Voting took place in the House of Representatives in two groups. Tadeo asked the confined to draw lots to decide who would go to which room. Report to the presenter “This time, you will be voting for the people in the other room.”

Around the house, Larissa and Marvella were the most attacked. Dumitella was nominated directly into the spotlight as punishment for the White Room and was unable to garner votes.

With Allen’s wild strength, Larissa drags Lettuce into the danger zone. She, the bio-doctor, and Marvella compete in the Bate e Volta test, but only the pagodeira is saved.

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