June 23, 2024

Tom Hanks is the worst actor in the movie Golden Raspberry, who mistakenly chose himself as “Worst Actress” in the category – Culture

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Tom Hanks is the worst actor in the movie Golden Raspberry, who mistakenly chose himself as “Worst Actress” in the category – Culture

After more than four decades of parodying the Oscar By electing the worst of the year, Golden raspberry He decided to present himself with this year’s award as the worst actress of the year, according to the list released on Saturday the 11th. It was a different way of trying to apologize after Ryan Kyra Armstrong12, was nominated for worst actress at this year’s awards ceremony.

He said responsible for the award, in a statement. “They publicly apologized to the actress, changed the rule that now bars anyone under 18 from running, put themselves in her shoes in the poll — and won in a landslide.”

“You razzy, For the first time in their history, they won the razzy (as the prize is known),” he said Raz Berrycreator of the award who, despite a blunder and an attempt to save face, continued with his usual verve to select the worst of the year – the list of “winners” is always released one day before the Oscar ceremony, which takes place this Sunday, in Los Angeles.

It continues after the announcement

Unlike previous years, in which they were delivered in often-awkward face-to-face ceremonies, this year Raspberry revealed its select offerings with an official statement. The highlight of this time was Tom Hanks who, for his role in Elvis, was Worst Supporting Actor and was awarded for Worst Screen Group, thanks to his make-up that took a lot of attention to latex. “He went too far as a colonel Tom Parker “On excellent resume,” said the organizers.

Another biopic, “misogynist, saucy, and misguided.” blondwhich “unabashedly explores the memory of the late Marilyn Monroe,” was nominated for both Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay by the film’s director, Andrew Dominik.

actually MorbiusMarvel’s “empty vampire movie,” emerged “victorious” in two categories: Jared Leto as Worst Actor and Adria Arjona as Worst Supporting Actress.

and Disney’s “meaningless, soulless” recreation Pinocchio It was chosen as the worst remake of the year.

Coulson Baker and Maude Sun shared the award for worst director.

And the prize Saviorwhich was awarded to the former Razzie nominee, “Who got his wings back and got out of Razzie hell,” and went to the 2004 Worst Actor (and 2022 Best Actor Oscar) nominee. Colin Farrell For his “flawless” work in Inisherin banshees. He defeated Mark Whalberg The Struggle for Faith – Father Stowe’s Storyand Val Kilmer for his Netflix documentary Val.

See the full list

worse movie


worst actor

Jared Leto, Burr/Morbius

worst actress

Razzies organizers, to nominate a minor for the award

Redeemer Award

Colin Farrell (2004 Worst Actor Nominee to 2022 Oscar Best Actor Nominee)

Worst supporting actor

Tom Hanks on Elvis

Worst supporting actress

Adria Arjona by Morbius

Worst combo screen

Tom Hanks and his latex mask and Elvis’ hilarious accent

Worst remake

Pinocchio (by Disney, not by Guillermo del Toro))

The worst managers

Coulson Baker and Maude Sun, in order to have a happy mourning

worst case scenario

Blonde, written by Andrew Dominik

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