June 18, 2024

Tool released to hide online status inside WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is testing a feature to make it easier to send replies

Do you want to browse files The WhatsApp Quietly and discreetly but you can’t escape online status information? Know that your issue already has an official solution within the messaging platform itself.

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How to hide online status inside WhatsApp?

According to recent information from WABetaInfo, the messenger now has a feature that allows you to hide notifications and ensure offline browsing. The WABetaInfo portal is dedicated to publishing WhatsApp news in its beta version.

This means that no information will be sent that you are online or the last time you saw the message. However, the novelty is only available in the beta version of the app – reserved for testing new features.

If you want to use this feature, you need to install WhatsApp beta. Otherwise, you still have to wait for some time to become anonymous within the app. Soon, the tool will be released for the entire common user base who want to hide their online status.

There are alternative ways to hide online status

There are some websites and apps that hide user status. So it cannot show when you are online or sending a message. However, for these programs to work, you need to provide data from the app and your device. So be aware that none of these tools are recommended or approved by the messaging platform.

However, if you want to risk it, there is the Unseen app, which allows you to read messages from various social networks and WhatsApp. In the settings, it is possible to make the necessary licenses.

Another tool available is Flychat which has the same functionality as the previous app. You can read and reply to the message through the alternative app itself.

Activate Airplane Mode

In Airplane mode, you can read all messages and listen to sounds that have already been downloaded. All this without changing your status. In fact, it is even possible to write and record messages without the contact’s knowledge.

In this case, messages will be sent as soon as you reconnect. In other words, anonymity is guaranteed.

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