February 28, 2024

Trans influencer posits his relationship with Neymar: ‘We were celibate’

The PSG player unfollowed the creator after the revelations on social networks

Neymar and Sofia Barkley were involved in 2021 | photo: disclosure/instagram @neymarjr and ibarclay

In a busy week for Neymar, another piece of news was published on social media on Monday (26). Socialite McCarthy revealed, through a video, that trans influencer Sophia Barkley was also going to be engaged to the Paris Saint-Germain player. In addition to the content creator, Blogger Fernanda Campos explained the meeting she had with the athlete on Valentine’s Day eve.

After revealing a day, Sophia Barkley confirmed that she was in a relationship with Neymar in December 2021. According to journalist Fabia Oliveira, at the time the player was meeting Bruna Biancardi, his current girlfriend and who she is Pregnant with Mavithe couple’s first child.

“Information persists. It’s been a while since that happened. He and I were single at the time. It happened last year. We were at a private party and ended up staying, having a relationship and nothing else,” Sofia Barkley commented to Metrópoles.

However, it didn’t stop there. In addition to participating in a party, Sofia and Neymar met at another event after their first meeting. “We had a second date, but soon after he got into a relationship and so did I. So we move on, each one on his side,” the digital influencer concluded.

After Sofia’s confirmation, the influencer posted on her social networks that Neymar had unfollowed the creator. As for Barkley, it wasn’t her who broke the news, so there was no reason for that to happen.

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