February 21, 2024

BBB’s ex-mother from Vieira de Santana has been missing for about two months

Former BBB Jake Leal, from Feira de Santana, made an appeal on Sunday (25) on social networks to find her missing mother.

She said while crying that Adelaide Sina Leal, 61, had not given any news in two months (find out more here), that the case had already been registered at the police station, but so far her whereabouts had not been determined. Jake Leal, who is also a digital influencer and was a children’s reporter for Acorda Cidade, said on his Instagram stories that his mother suffers from depression and bipolar disorder.

photo: Play Stories/Instagram

“My family told me not to share the situation on my social media to avoid phone calls and attacks, which is happening now. For those haters who are worried that I actually did BO, rest assured, I did. My mom has depression and bipolar disorder, And she ran away from home two months ago today. My dad has already tried to find her, my family has already tried to find her, posted on social networks, websites, TV,” the former participant of Big Brother Brasil 12 announced.

For using the social network to talk about the situation, the Bahian woman who has more than 3.3 million followers said she was suffering from online attacks.

“There are people who say that I just came to talk about my mother, but we have been looking for her since the first day she disappeared. My family asked not to announce the situation through my Instagram to avoid attacks, avoid fake calls and avoid what is happening now. Unfortunately, I still do not have Any real comments on where it is. There are a lot of people posting assumptions and making pranks unfortunately. But I will keep you posted, whoever is interested, who shares this difficult time with me,” he said.

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Photo: personal archive

The family continues to search for information that could help find her. Anyone with information to help find her can contact the police or contact: 75 99958-3719.

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