February 26, 2024

Transferbank gives R$150 to new platform users

The value of R$150 can be used on companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, iFood, and more. Find out how to win your interest!

Those who receive money from abroad and usually buy technology products can enjoy exclusive benefits from remittance bank. It is because the platform gives R$150 gift card to redeem prizes in several popular brand markets, such as Netflixand iFood and the App Store.

Below, see how to redeem your promotional voucher and check out the main benefits Transferbank has to offer.

After all, what is a bank transfer?

Transferbank is a platform that allows you to send and receive international payments from Brazil, that is, it offers solutions so that customers can have greater autonomy in currency exchange.

Therefore, the financial technology It is widely used by small and medium import-export companies, start-ups and PJ professionals (legal entities) who provide services to foreign companies.

In short, users can send and receive money from abroad in a simple and graceful way.

In the past two years alone, the transfer bank has moved R$2.4 billion and has worked in the exchange for more than 15,000 contracts.

How does the R$150 Gift Card work?

In the campaign for new users of the platform, you only need to create an account at Bank transfer For legal entities and carrying out the first operations from 2000 USD. The campaign focuses on IT professionals.

Next, the code gift 150 It will be available for use at any of the approved stores of the remitting bank. Among the major e-commerce and services you are considering a gift card are PlayStationStore, Shoptime, Submarino, Airbnb, Netflix, iFood, The Americans and app store.

It is important to clarify that saving credit The gift card is available within 24 hours via email to the customer, with no maximum usage time. In addition, it can only be used by CNPJ, and at the end of the transaction, the user needs to choose the company that wants to redeem the balance.

Photo: Dean Drobot / shutterstock.com