March 3, 2024

Twitter is going against YouTube by allowing videos of up to two hours

Twitter's new CEO is excited about Elon Musk's engagement
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News for the speakers in service! Since December 2022, Twitter has already allowed posting videos of up to an hour to the social network, but that limit has now been increased for users on the blue plan.

Going forward, plan subscribers will be able to post videos up to two hours long and files up to 8GB in size. The novelty should come into force in the coming days.

However, the news and updates do not end there. This is because, in addition to long videos, users no longer need to upload videos through the computer. A new tool has arrived in the application, and iOS users will be able to upload their videos directly from their mobile phones or tablets (iPhone and iPad).

Twitter has also added playback speed controls for videos. However, its resolution is still limited to Full HD, meaning YouTube remains the best choice for watching videos and programs in 1440p and 4K.

It’s important to remember that Twitter has gone through a lot of updates lately. It recently allowed posts of up to 10,000 characters and encryption for direct messages. However, these updates are for Blue users only.

In any case, this update and others seem to be part of Elon Musk’s plan and his desire to turn Twitter into an “all-in-one” portal, as he made it quite clear when buying the social network, even thinking of becoming a direct competitor to YouTube.

What is Twitter Blue?

What is blue twitter?
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Twitter Blue is a premium subscription service within the Twitter app itself. That is, the user pays an amount to get a certain service. This was one of the first actions Elon Musk took after he completed the full acquisition of the platform.

The tool is like a check mark of sorts. Previously, it was necessary for a user to fit the platform’s criteria to be verified. Now, the user can pay $8 ($40 in direct transfer) per month and enjoy some benefits, as well as mark the profile with a blue verification stamp.

Subscribers tagged with the profile get early access to features that are still being tested, additional tools like the undo tweet button, ad-free newsreading system, and customization. But it is important to remember that the official badge for manually verified accounts is still used.