March 1, 2024

WhatsApp gains feature for editing messages; See how to do it | Social media

WhatsApp now lets you edit the messages the app sends, and it’s available for Android phones and iPhones (iOS). The feature, which was highly anticipated, will be gradually launched globally from Monday (22) and will reach all users over the next few weeks. With novelty, it is possible to make edits to sent content within 15 minutes after it has been sent. In the following lines, learn all about the new function of editing messages in WhatsApp.

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Whatsapp HOME – Photo: Fernando Braga

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To edit a sent message on WhatsApp, you will need to long press on the message bubble and then tap on Edit. Modified content will be flagged with the label “Edited” – so users will know when you’ve made any changes to messages. It will be possible to edit in all versions of WhatsApp, whether mobile or web.

Although the message is marked as edited, the edit history of the recipient is not displayed. It should be noted that the contents can only be modified within a period of fifteen minutes after sending – after this period, the “Edit” button will not be available in the message menu.

WhatsApp gains feature for editing messages; Learn how to use it – Image: Disclosure/WhatsApp

If you don’t see the message editing menu, a good option is to update the app. You can update manually by going to your phone’s app store — the App Store for iPhone, Google Play Store for Android — and searching for “WhatsApp”. If an update is available, just tap on Update. Another option is to use the automatic system update (see how to do it here).

Users have long been waiting for the ability to edit messages on WhatsApp, especially useful in cases of grammatical and spelling errors, or even incorrectly typed information. The feature is slowly being rolled out to the user base and will become available to everyone in the coming weeks.

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