March 4, 2024

Two lifeless people were found on the landing gear of an Avianca aircraft – AEROFLAP

Avianca landing gear
Image: Disclosure

The bodies of two people were found on the landing gear of an aircraft Avianca After landing in Bogota, Colombia. The discovery was made after the plane arrived in the country by the company’s maintenance team.

As usual, the maintenance team conducts checks after the arrival of each plane, and last Friday (06), the Avianca team found the bodies of two people who traveled illegally on board the plane.

The flight arrived in Bogota from Santiago, Chile, after two people were found dead on the landing gear, the Colombian Attorney General was notified.

the Avianca He issued a statement about the incident:

“Upon arrival at El Dorado Airport in Bogota, airline staff discovered the bodies of two people who were circling erratically (invisibly) on the plane’s landing gear,” said the airline.

“The Technical Investigation Authority of the Public Prosecutor’s Office is taking urgent measures to determine the nationality and origin of the bodies, between the ages of 15 and 20, of African origin, which were found inside the plane,” said the Attorney General of Columbia.

Although they did not find identification documents for the two individuals, everything indicated that they were from the Dominican Republic, as they both had money from the country in their luggage, as well as documents of Dominican origin as well.

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