June 13, 2024

Two teenagers held in cages in Afghanistan due to neurological disease – News

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Two teenagers held in cages in Afghanistan due to neurological disease - News

Two teenage girls were placed in cages in Kandahar, Afghanistan, due to nervous disorders. The information was published by the portal Rukhana MediaFor the Afghan journalist Zahra Joya.

Rubina, 15, was diagnosed with the disease when she was six months old. Her father says she stays in the cage during the day and goes out at night. According to him, his daughter breaks things and hurts people when she is free. The young woman cannot speak and move the right part of her body, but she can move.

“I would like my daughter to recover from this suffering,” the mother said in an interview with the Afghan portal. The family said they had asked the Taliban, the extremist group that returned to power in the country in August last year, and NGOs for help in getting proper treatment.

In addition to Rubina, 18-year-old Asya, who suffers from the same nervous disorder, lives inside a cage. The father says he keeps her imprisoned when she becomes violent.

The teens were taken to hospitals for medical follow-up, but the treatments were not enough. Asya’s family has been directed to look for new treatments in Pakistan or India, but she cannot afford the cost.

doctor interview in Rukhana Media She said the young women suffer from a form of schizophrenia that is partially treatable.

According to the publication, Zuhair Ahmad Zindani, head of the Disabled Children Initiative, an organization that helps people with disabilities in Afghanistan, said the institute is ready to pay for Asian medical treatment abroad.

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