March 4, 2024
Ufac offers 61 vacancies for masters in science, health, science and mathematics |

Ufac offers 61 vacancies for masters in science, health, science and mathematics |

The State Secretariat for Justice and Public Security (Sejusp) has concluded the first training course for Doublers in Pre-Hospital Care Police Officer (APHP).

For the celebration held by the President of Sejusp, Paulo Cesar Rocha dos Santos, the device was formed to honor the course coordinator, Medical Captain of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) Felipe Domingos Besa, representing the Military Police of Acre (PMAC), TC PM Elen Pontes, representing the Civilian Police , Enterprise Inspector, Delegate Fabrizio Sobrira, President of IAPEN/AC, Arlenilson Barbosa, Representative of the Military Fire Department, Cel. Charles Santos, President of ISE/AC, Col. Mario Sergio, and DeTran/AC President, Tainara Martins.

Highlighting the importance of the APHP course for the security forces, within the Acre territory, and congratulating all the trainers and trainees, Minister Paulo Cesar Rocha emphasized the sensitivity of the state governor, Gladson Camille, “in seeing the training as an advance in public security”, while enumerating the significant investments of the state administration current for this purpose.


The aim of the course was to train multipliers in pre-hospital care in direct combat, including firearms – Mark-1 protocol, and is geared towards public security professionals working in an armed conflict area where care and rescue involves greater risks than care traditional.

The course, which was coordinated at the local level by Criminal Police Keuli Daniel and TC PMAC Assis Martins dos Santos, brought together professionals from Military Police, Military Firefighters, Civil Police, Criminal Police, Federal Highway Police, Federal Police, TJAC, Military Office and the Special Frontier Group – GEFRON, as well as police officers from AM, RO, CE, RN, PB, DF and MS states.