June 5, 2023
Understand why Gustavo Gomez is the only one to play at Palmeiras |  Palm trees

Understand why Gustavo Gomez is the only one to play at Palmeiras | Palm trees

There are already 14 consecutive matches of Palm trees With Gustavo Gomez on the field. The Paraguayan defender is the most played player for the team this season. There are 2,235 minutes of playing, followed by Weverton with 2,065.

The third foreigner to have the most matches in the club’s history (182), Gomez has become even more important in Palmeiras’ defensive system.

Of course, the great burden of back-to-back matches is due to the need to have the best defender on the field. But also due to embezzlement and the future recall of the Paraguayan player, who is supposed to miss some matches this year by choice.

Gustavo Gomez in a match against Corinthians – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

The first reason is significant embezzlement. Gomez’s main duo until last season, Luan missed Palm trees In the last three months due to a muscle injury. The defender has already begun the physical transition.

With that, Gomez ends up taking on the hero role in Palmeiras’ defense. During Luan’s absence, Paraguay played alongside Murillo and Kocevic.

In a series of 14 matches, Murillo played with Gomez on 12 chances, while the Chilean defender participated in three matches.

Murillo and Gustavo Gomez in Palmeiras against Ciara – Photo: Ettore Chiriguini/AGIF

Just as he has already earned Weverton a call-up to the Brazilian national team, Palm trees He knows that Gustavo Gómez is an essential part of Paraguay.

In view of this, Verdau tries to use the defender as much as possible, without compromising the athlete’s physique, to take advantage of the player while he has no obligations to his country.

This Saturday, at 4:30 p.m., at Allianz Parque, Gomez should start playing again, this time against Bragantino. A potential team for the sixth round of Brazilian You have: Waverton. Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gómez, Murillo and Jorge; Danilo, Zee Raphael and Raphael Vega; Dudu, Gustavo Scarpa and Ronnie.

Brasiliao Premier Banner – Photo: Reproduction

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