September 24, 2023
Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties to win the FA Cup

Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties to win the FA Cup

Chelsea and Liverpool had a great FA Cup final, but the score in regular time was 0-0. On penalties, at Wembley, Liverpool won 6-5 and became champions. Allison saved a Mason Mount penalty. Azpilicueta, for the Blues, and Mane, for the Reds, also missed their shots.

Liverpool is still in contention for the English Premier League and Champions League titles. On the other hand, Chelsea are battling for a place in the next edition of the Champions League, with Arsenal and Tottenham slightly behind.

In the match, the Reds grabbed Salah’s attention leave the field 30 minutes into the first half, with groin pain.

The game is busy in the first half

The first 45 minutes were full of emotion in the match. Liverpool invested in getting strong across the attacking flanks, with Luis Diaz and Salah, as well as having more ball. Respectively, the team suffered from two fears: First, Alisson complained of pain after colliding with Marcos Alonso and continued onto the field. Soon, Salah sat on the grass, had thigh pain, and was substituted.

And on the Chelsea side, the opportunities came in four different situations, led by Pulisic, in addition to Alonso and the movement of the body with Lukaku. However, there was no show in need of a superb save from goalkeeper Alison.

Sadio Mane squabbles over the ball with Jorginho in the match between Chelsea and Liverpool for the FA Cup Final - Chris Brunskill / Fantasista / Getty Images - Chris Brunskill / Fantasista / Getty Images

Sadio Mane fights the ball with Jorginho in the match between Chelsea and Liverpool for the FA Cup final

Photo: Chris Brunskill/Fantasysta/Getty Images

Too many chances and “0 to 0 are fake”

The second half continued the intensity of the first. Early on, Chelsea had three chances: Marcos Alonso, in the first, on a good defense from Alisson; Pulisic, after Lukaku’s axis, in a new save for the Liverpool goalkeeper; And in the third, a free kick from Alonso hit the post.

Liverpool responded with Robertson’s header and Luis Diaz’s pass, who shot low but next to the crossbar defended by goalkeeper Mendy. The pressure continued on both sides, divided into particularly influential plays by both sides.

At 37, the two best chances of the match came. Diogo Jota sent it to Mane, who fixed it for Luis Diaz. The Colombian seized the ball and sent it powerfully with his right foot. It exploded on the crossbar and walked out. Less than a minute later, Milner crossed into the middle of the area, on Robertson, who grabbed her in the first place and sent her to the post again.

Alisson makes a save during the FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea - Mike Hewitt / Getty Images - Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

Alisson saves during the Liverpool and Chelsea Cup final

Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Overtime doesn’t stand a chance

The equalizer in normal time took the match 30 minutes of overtime. With the players tired and the offensive production low on both sides, the penalty kicks came.

Penalty kicks

On penalties, Marcos Alonso, Reece James, Barkley, Jorginho and Zeich moved to Chelsea. Azpilicueta, on the second kick, missed the crossbar and Mason Mount saved the penalty by Alisson. For Liverpool, Milner, Thiago, Roberto Firmino, Alexander-Arnold, Diogo Jota, Tsimikas. Mane saved the penalty kick by Mendy.

Kostas Tsimikas celebrates after scoring a penalty in Liverpool's FA Cup Final win over Chelsea - Mike Hewitt/Getty Images - Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Costas Tsimikas celebrates after scoring the penalty in Liverpool’s victory over Chelsea in the FA Cup Final

Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

data sheet

Chelsea 0 x 0 Liverpool
a reason: england cup final
Date: 05/14/2022
Sweetened: Wembley
hour: 12:45 pm (from Brasilia)
yellow cards: Rhys James (CHE)
red cards:

Chelsea: Soggy. Shaloba (Azpilicueta), Thiago Silva and Rudiger; Reese James, Kovacic (Kante), Jorginho and Marcos Alonso; Mount, Pulisic (Loftus-Cheek) (Barkley) and Lukaku (Zech). Coach: Thomas Tuchel.

Liverpool: Alison. Alexander-Arnold, Konate, Van Dyck (Matip), Robertson (Tsimikas); Henderson, Keita (Milner) and Thiago Alcantara; Luis Diaz (Roberto Firmino), Salah (Diogo Jota) and Mane. Coach: Jurgen Klopp.