March 4, 2024

Understand why Palmeiras hasn’t started selling tickets for the classic with Santos in Morumbi

Patrick Di Paula celebrates the winning goal against Santos in Morumbi in 2020 (Photo: Cesar Greco/Ag.Palmeiras/Disclosure)

the Palm trees Confrontation saints This Saturday (4) in Morumbi by Paulistão. With Allianz Parque unavailable due to an event scheduled there, Verdão made a deal with Sao Paulo To send the classics into the opposing court. However, with only a few days left before the match, ticket sales have yet to begin.

According to a report Our lectureAlviverde faces technical difficulties due to differences in the systems used to sell tickets online between Allianz Parque and Morumbi.

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It should be noted that Palmeiras has not played any matches in Sao Paulo stadium with an audience since 2007. On this occasion, the team led by coach Caio Junior beat Corinthians 1-0 in Brazil that season, with a goal by defender Nin. . The match against Santos in Morumbi in 2020 took place without fans due to the pandemic.

The club works to overcome such issues as soon as possible and prioritizes marketing in the usual way, favoring Avanti members. However, due to the closeness of the game, it is not excluded that opening sales with physical tickets only at the box office at this time. Expectations are that the situation will be decided on Wednesday (1).

Palmeiras and Santos face each other on Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. Before, Verdau faces Mirasol away from home on Wednesday (1).

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