February 27, 2024

Vai na Fé: Theo will end up behind bars after “betraying” the character and pay a heavy price for his evil deeds: “He will get tangible evidence”


The scoundrel will be revealed with an unexpected personality

Image: Reproduction/Globo
Image: Reproduction/Globo

Soon in the novel Go in the faithBroadcast by Globo, Theo (Emilio Dantas) will pay a heavy price for his evil deeds. According to the site television observatory, Ben’s friend (Samuel of Assisi) He will be “betrayed” by an unlikely figure and end up behind bars after being denounced.

Raphael (Caio Manhinte) is used to taking pictures of the events around him, and will reveal who his father is. As revealed by the aforementioned contact vehicle, the boy.”Get tangible evidence“From the tricks of bad character.

Image: Reproduction/Globo

Tired of seeing his mother, Clara (Rejian Alves), in an abusive relationship with a villain, Rafa must “end” the situation. Apparently, the grieving teen is going to take action and nab Kate’s lover (Clara Monique).

It is noteworthy that, apparently, Clara will part with Helena (Priscilla Stegenmann), which will further complicate the life of Orpheus’ partner (Jonathan Hagensen), because the rich woman will regain her self-esteem and leave Theo without much power of manipulation.

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