August 7, 2022
Valentina is arguing with the pawns about Rico

Valentina is arguing with the pawns about Rico

Valentina Francavilla benefited from the presence of pedestrians in the “farm 13″ (RecordTV), during the early hours of the day, to announce that she would go to war with those who vote for her arguing over friendship with Rico Melquiades and caused an uproar with Gui Araujo, MC Gui, Mileide Mihaile, Tati Quebra Barraco and Bil Araújo.

Can I say something? I really hope no one will judge me for the friendships I have and only be judged by my attitude, Valentina Franvella called the participants.

MC Gui replied, “We’re talking about the countryside, Valley.” “I’m just talking,” replied the former “Programa do Ratinho” (SBT) theater assistant. “It could happen,” Gui Araujo warned. “You can move forward now.”

Annoyed by feeling that she is the target of debauchery, the girl went on to say that she would not back down if she was attacked for her friendship with Riku. “Calm down, I’ve already said I’m on my feet. I won’t be like Allen, I won’t cry,” he said.

“You can expect it to happen. Sure,” Gui Araujo excited. “But did that really happen?” asked MC Gui. “No,” said Valentina, “but it happened to Allen and she said, ‘If it happens to me, I’ll come on my feet’.” “And she knew, right?” Gui Araujo asked. “If you judge me because I have friendships and not because of my attitudes, you’ll see,” said the girl again.

MC Gui was angry at the way the participant spoke with the intention of generalizing the state of Aline Mineiro’s voices.

“but who are you?” , asked funkeiro, wanting the player to say names.

Valentina replied: “I’m talking to the general.” Joy Araujo warned again: “And we’re talking to you. It will be like that and not us, for Brazil either.” Valentina Francavilla provoked: “If someone judges me not by my positions, but who I am with. Let’s go to war.”

The participants were not intimidated by the threat of war from the former theater assistant and continued the discussion, warning the girl that there was no right or wrong in “Vazanda 2021”.

Watch the rest of Valentina’s Mess with the Pawns in “Farm 13”:

Guy Araujo: It will be judged, you can be sure. Don’t be disappointed.

Bill Araujo: Hey, I’m hanging out with him too.

Valentina Francavilla: I’m not talking to you, Bill!

Bill: But I also walk with him. what’s the problem?

Valentina: If I’m judging you for dating Rico, damn it, foul game.

law Project: I will judge you for being a soap dish.

MC Guy: Everyone judges what they want, Vale.

Valentina: Well, I’m just telling you I came with one foot.

gui arugu: We are warning you too. We’ve been walking around for a month.

MC Guy: Damn, that’s disgusting.

Valentina: Not. I only speak when I am absolutely sure.

MC Guy: You’re talking about a mess, nothing to see!

Guy Araujo: Nobody was talking about it.

Valentina: Bill, I’ll talk whenever I want.

Bill: Why don’t you say it live then Valentina? Comes with a nice vote and I don’t know what!

Valentina: Leave it, Bill. I will talk. You were immune, brother!

Bill: Next week I’m not.

Valentina: I’ve kept quiet so far and no one scares me by saying “You’re in your eyes”.

Bill: me too. This is how you talk to everyone.

Valentina: I didn’t tell you. You hurt because you want to.

Guy Araujo: You feel threatened now. Right after all this?

Valentina: Do not do to me what they did to Allen?

Milaid Mihaley: What is happening?

Valentina: Hey, Bell didn’t set her judgment.

Tate Brix Shack: No, this is Bill. I voted because I had to vote.

Valentina: Am I talking about you, Tati?

Come: No, you said the general. Nobody judges you by your friendships. If you come with your feet, I’ll go with your whole body and let’s see what it looks like.

Guy Araujo: Again come to speak with the general. What is the rule that you cannot judge?

MC Guy: We were talking about three dear ones in the countryside. You tell people directly because I’ve never done that before.

Valentina: I wasn’t even listening. I could feel it in my heart and spoke.

MC Guy: You’re talking about something that didn’t even happen to you and you’re buying something that happened to her.

Milaid Mihaley: What an inappropriate moment.

Guy Araujo: I ran BO. You also hold your BO.

Valentina: Of course I carry. that’s what I am talking about.

MC Guy: Unpleasant from my point of view.

The Farm 2021: Who do you want to be on the ground?



Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

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