February 26, 2024
Luiza Brunet, Gabriel e Simone Medina

Luisa Brunet sues Simone Medina: ‘unfortunate behaviour’

Simon was not spared from attacks and crimes on the ignorant, and even compared Jasmine to a porn actress

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Written by Leo Dias in Metropolis – After the column received information that Jasmine Brunet would sue her mother-in-law, Simone Medina, for attacking her in a letter she wrote to her son, surfer Gabrielle, the girl’s mother, former model and actress Luisa Brunet, spoke up. “I deny this kind of unfortunate behavior from Mrs. Simon. Very sad. My attorney is taking appropriate action,” Louisa told the columnist speaking to you.

In the message sent to the surfer about an alleged intimate video of Jasmine when she was a minor, Simone stated, “Oh, I forgot. I got a video of Jasmine making a pacifier. I’m even ashamed to reproduce the word. She was really crazy at a party in her apartment at Rio New!Drunk, in the parking lot, I do this to a person and then they vomit.

After this latest attack, Gabriel Medina decided to ban the mother from all social networks and messaging apps. In this last conversation, Simon was not spared the attacks and crimes on ignorance and came to compare Jasmine to a porn actress.

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