July 20, 2024

Variable annual billing limit payment!

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Formalization of working as a Sole Proprietorship Entrepreneur (MEI) has become a reality for many Brazilians. One reason is that the dream of owning their own business can be fulfilled, and even unemployment acts as an incentive for those who want to take the risk of setting up their own business.

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However, to open a CNPJ as a MEI, it is necessary to follow some rules, including the annual billing limit, which is currently 81 thousand RRL. However, the Senate approved a bill raising the ceiling for individual small business owners (may be).

According to the approved text, the value increased from R$81 thousand to R$130,000 in 2022. Therefore, MEI may have more revenue throughout the year, making formalization better for those with small businesses; After all, for many entrepreneurs, the limit was already outdated.

Another suggestion in the text is to change the number of employees the MEI can assign. Currently, MEI can only have one collaborator, but the new project authorizes up to two collaborators.

The project now goes to the House of Representatives. Although there were high expectations for the vote, little was said about the bill. Therefore, there is still no specific date for the vote on the bill.

Step by step to unlock MEI

The self-employed entrepreneur can unlock MEI practically, quickly, and completely digitally. See the instructions below:

  • arrive to outlet businessman of the federal government;
  • Click “I want to be a MEI”;
  • On the “Individual Small Entrepreneurs” page, click on the “Formalize Yourself” option;
  • Sign in with your account Gov.br and click “Continue”;
  • Fill out the registration with your personal data;
  • Complete the following fields for your company’s activity;
  • Under Secondary Occupations, you will see a list of activities and you can choose up to 15 items related to your work to associate with the company. Select an option and click Insert to add it to the right window. Repeat the process until you have included all the activities you want. If you want to delete an item, just select it and click Remove;
  • Check “✓” in process clearance declarations and in terms of liability. Continue with the “Continue” button;
  • confirm all data;
  • See the confirmation of creation of your MEI and CNPJ number on the screen.

In the Next Steps field, click CCMEI Issue to download the Certificate of Individual Small Entrepreneur Status, a document that proves the company is registered with the CNPJ. The file will be downloaded immediately in PDF format.

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