December 3, 2023
Vasco could be one away from arriving this Saturday;  understand |  Vasco

Vasco could be one away from arriving this Saturday; understand | Vasco

With three rounds remaining in the second division, it was Vasco He could take an even bigger leap towards the first division should he beat Criciuma, at 16:30 this Saturday, in São Januaro. Depending on the scores of the teams just below the table, Jorginho’s side may be just one draw away from Serie A.

At the moment, the team has 56 points, followed by Sport (53), Sampaio Correia (52), Crisima (52) and Ituano (51). These opponents cannot win. Watch the kit Vasco needs:

  • Vasco won the Criciúma in São Janorio
  • Londrina won the sport at Estádio do Café
  • Ituano and Sampaio Correia tied in Novelli Junior

Draw with the sport on Ilha do Retiro favored scenarios for Vasco to go up – Photo: Daniel Ramalho/Vasco

By doing so, Vasco will get 59 points and open six points ahead of Sport and Sampaio Correia. On the other hand, two opponents will come out of the dispute: Criciúma and Ituano, who, with 52 points, will not have more chances to reach the Rio team.

In the next round, against Sampaio Correia, again at home, Vasco will only need a draw to secure himself in Serie A of Brazil. In this way, he will be four points behind Sport and Sampaio themselves, just one game away from the end of the tournament.

In any case, Vasco is only counting on you to confirm access in this final stretch and will play two games in a row in São Janorio, where he is unbeaten in the season.

If they win both games, the team won’t have much trouble with the opponents. Even if Sport also win both games, they will need to balance the difference – currently Cariocas’ side have eight more goals than Pernambuco. Leão scored the fifth worst attack in the Second Division and applied only one defeat in the competition: 4-0 to CSA, in Round 24.

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