February 28, 2024

Vitoria da Xavi has decided to transfer three teams to the third division

“The end of the 2022 season was far from what we initially wanted. Despite the achievement of opening the year, the picture of the season in football was marked by many mistakes and bad decisions that were made.

The moment requires thought from everyone who makes a nautical. It is time to think about what has been done and what could have been done to prevent this promising season from ending in relegation to the Second Division.

In recent years, we have gone through a period of restructuring not only financially, but also for Náutico as a whole. This decline in football, however painful and disgusting it may be, will not be a hindrance to the continued restructuring of the club.

The projected scenario for football in 2023 is far from the same as in 2018. Moreover, it is certain that only with a lot of planning, prioritizing the use of technology and data tools, and financial and legal responsibility will it be possible to follow the path that will bring us back to achieving good results.

The grief of landing hurts and hurts, but it is no greater than the certainty that there is a way back for us.

To Náutico fans, our sincerest apologies.”