June 13, 2024

Vasco introduces Mauricio Sousa as his new coach and an announcement should be made soon

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Vasco introduces Mauricio Sousa as his new coach and an announcement should be made soon

Mauricio Sousa must be confirmed as soon as possible as the new coach of Vasco. former assistant flamingoan option always defended by the club’s director of football, Carlos Brazil, Maintain “nepotism” According to Throw! Found, has already begun negotiations with the Board of Directors to settle the contract.

Sources interviewed by the report indicated that Cruz Maltino was already going to thank the representatives of Umberto Loser, another candidate for the position, and inform him of Souza’s selection. The information was initially provided by the portal “ge confirmed L!.

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Andre Jardin, another option that was evaluated and approved by 777 Partners, the future manager of Vasco football club, maintained his position of refusing any kind of talks with the Collina team, and focused on the dispute over the Mexican Clausura Championship with Atlético San Luis. In addition, Vasco is unable to afford a release fine of nearly R$5 million for the 2020 Olympic champion, as well as unwilling to wait for him until the end of competition in the North American country.

to me L! Souza, who does not currently have a club, is expected to take charge of the team at a low cost, which is one reason why a replacement for Ricciardo’s uniform, including the technical committee, is in search of.

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Most of Vasco’s PTC members worked with Souza in the times when he was a coach in Botafogo’s basic classes. This is the case of Cruz-Maltino’s director of football, Eduardo Honjaro.

There is an understanding among Vasco’s leaders that bringing in a ‘single’ professional will have little effect on the continuity of what Ze Ricardo has been doing. It would also avoid attrition with strangers the coach had brought to the commission.

In addition, Souza has also worked with Brazil in the red and black rival, where until today it remains his only assignment in professional football. He coached Flamengo 20 occasions, between 2018 and 2021 (with 12 wins, four draws and four defeats, 60% of use).

This clip showed a face that attracts Vasco residents: their ability to work with young people’s discoveries. Vinícius Júnior, Paquetá and other kids from Gávea made the transition from basic to professional with Souza. The ability to handle al-Qaeda talent was another trait that Brazil valued behind the scenes in the name of his former co-worker.

in contact with L!Members of the Vasco leadership have indicated that the official announcement of the new coach should take place on Sunday (12), before the duel against Cruzeiro, at 4 pm (GMT), in the Maracana.

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