February 27, 2024
Vice President Donald Trump denies testifying in Capitol attack investigation - Observer

Vice President Donald Trump denies testifying in Capitol attack investigation – Observer

The former Vice President of the United States closed the door on Wednesday to the possibility of testifying before the committee investigating the attack on the Capitol, despite showing openness to doing so in the past.

In interviews with US channels CBS and CNN to promote your new bookDonald Trump’s former vice president described the committee’s investigation as partisan and confirmed it Congressmen “do not have the right” to take him to the stand🇧🇷 He noted that for a former vice president to testify before the committee would set a “shocking precedent”.

Mike Pence’s statements reveal a position change Regarding Augustus, when he confessed that he was ready to testify if asked.

Mike Pence admits testifying about Capitol attack: ‘It would be unprecedented in history’

Pence has also described January 6, 2021, when thousands of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to prevent the confirmation of the presidential winner and sitting president, Joe Biden, as the “toughest day” of his life in the public domain.

Mike Pence accuses Trump of “endangering” him during the attack on the Capitol: “The president’s words were irresponsible”

The attack caused an irreparable rift between Pence and Trump, who has gone from close allies in the White House to enemies, and both have publicly criticized each other. The former vice president is a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2024 election🇧🇷

Former US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday The third White House show He promised to “bring back America”.

America’s resurgence begins now. In the face of inflation and the “humiliation” of the United States and in order to “boost” the Republicans, Trump is back

But the former leader’s candidacy did not win consensus between Republicans and conservativeswho are divided between those who have already announced the political end of the businessman and those who believe that he will win the race for the White House.

Among the Republican figures who do not see a future in the re-election of the former president is the prominent Jeb Bush Jr., who immediately criticized Trump’s announcement as he spoke, calling it “weak.”

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, Republican, was one of the first in the party to oppose Trump’s re-nomination, after he said Sunday that the billionaire had already cost the GOP the last three elections and that it was time to reassess what was important to the party.

but, Some extreme party names are still on Trump’s sideAs is the case of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Republican Representatives Troy Neels and Andy Biggs also supported the former president, with Neels sharing an excerpt from Trump’s speech, saying, “America’s comeback begins now.”

On the other hand, the Republican leadership has chosen to ignore the formalization of Trump’s re-nomination, insisting that there are other priorities for the party for now.

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