February 21, 2024
Video: Pastor shaves private parts for church women |  todoid?  |  Online diary

Video: Pastor shaves private parts for church women | todoid? | Online diary

A video clip circulating on social media shows the unusual stance of a religious leader in a church in Ghana, Africa. The pastor’s stance divides users’ opinions and even shocks netizens with the audacity of religious people.

In the photos, the pastor is shown shaving believers in his church, promising that the act will come with the Holy Spirit. The girls seem to have believed the cleric’s version and allowed it. He still appears saying a few words to the members of the devotees and lifting the skirts of the temple women, who follow one by one to shave their private organs from the local priest, who shows no embarrassment at the controversial situation.

The name of the priest responsible for the controversy has not been revealed so far by the media that published the unusual situation. In the recording, made by a person who was inside the church at the time of women’s hair removal, it is possible to clearly see the priest’s attitude towards his fellow church members.

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A large number of Internet users on social networks expressed doubts as to why women allowed the priest to perform the “divine” procedure. There are even those who believed that he was drugged for such an occasion, a fact that has not been confirmed. Other users have harshly criticized the priest for his unusual behavior within the devotees.

There is no evidence that the priest forcibly forced women to shave, yet criticism of his “missionary work” continues to be received on social media from netizens angry at the video, which was circulated around the world. ]

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The pastor shaves the church members Tutu in the church and Tfghana and Tfghana