February 28, 2024
Voting brings competitors face to face in Survival Challenge news

Voting brings competitors face to face in Survival Challenge news

Vote this Wednesday (3) of island record Jaciara Dias and Solange Gomes put them to a survival challenge. Competitors will have to face each other in Thursday (4)’s Test to avoid being sent to the Cave of Exile. “I hope the best wins,” said the businesswoman.

Solange ended up in the danger zone after Bruno Sutter, captain of the Emerald Team, pointed out. When submitting his nomination, the comedian mentioned the fact that Ex Fazenda sent Jaciara to wash her panties during the dynamics of discord.

“It’s not news to anyone since his appointment yesterday. Solange made an offer, I have mixed feelings for her. People have a right to say whatever they want, but I think she sparked a lot of interest in what she said about Jaciara,” Kabir justified.

However, Gogo’s former bathtub didn’t buy justification and fired some criticism of the confinement mate. “I won’t take it personally, but I need to express my opinion. I do not agree. He is not man enough to vote for other people, he needed someone who was a target, an easy target like me. You for being too cowardly to vote for me, you A totally free man.”

Headquarters vote

Before the vote opened, Mariana Ríos was informed that Caique Aguiar, Kaio Viana and Vitória Bellato, residents of Exílio, had chosen a member of Esmeralda’s team to lose immunity from the explorers’ votes. They chose St. Vegas.

Despite this, the former MTV passed unscathed, with Jaciara receiving four votes and ending up in a week’s survival challenge.

Check the votes:

  • Solange Gomez voted for Jacara Dias
  • Jaciara Dias voted for Ste Viegas
  • Kaik Pereira voted for Fabio Braz
  • Bruno Sutter voted for Wendy Tavares
  • Wendy Tavares voted for Jacara Dias
  • Rafael Sander voted for St. Vegas
  • Nakajima voted for Jaciara Dias
  • Fabio Braz voted for Kaik Pereira
  • Ste Viegas voted for Jaciara Dias

Check out some videos from the Wednesday issue (3):