March 30, 2023
We will be investigating 23 banks for possible payroll credit card fraud |  Economie

We will be investigating 23 banks for possible payroll credit card fraud | Economie

The Department of Justice and Public Security will investigate 23 financial institutions for possible credit card fraud debited from the payroll.

Fraud will consist in the unauthorized issuance of cards, the charging of interest on bills with a deduction from the minimum payment directly on the payroll. According to the complaint, it occurs when the customer, when obtaining a payroll loan, also receives a credit card, without having the correct information that the loan he has taken is released as a withdrawal on the card and deposited in his checking account.

The investigation was opened on Monday (22).

3.2 million consumers have already asked to block payroll loan offers over the phone

According to a statement issued by the National Consumers Secretariat (Sinacon), part of the ministry, the complaint was submitted by the Consumer Protection Center of the Public Defense Office (Nodecon) of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The banks that will be investigated, according to Sinacon:

  • Banco BMG SA
  • Bradscard Bank
  • Bank Bradesco SA . cards
  • Bank Bradesco SA
  • Banco Cetelem SA
  • Banco CSF ​​SA
  • Bank of Brazil SA
  • Banco Itaucard SA
  • Banco Losango SA
  • Pan Bank
  • Banco Santander (Brazil) SA
  • Banco Triângulo SA
  • bankop
  • BV Financeira SA CFI
  • Federal Savings Bank
  • Hypercard BM SA FIN
  • Itau CBD CFI
  • Luizacred SA SOC CFI,
  • Midway SA – SCFI,
  • Nu Payments SA
  • Pernambucanas Financ SA CFI
  • Portoseg SA CFI
  • Performance of CFI SA

sought by Reuters, Itau It said it “does not sell credit cards deducted from payroll and is at Senacon’s disposal for any further clarification.”

a Bradesco He said he would not comment on the matter. BB, Pan and Caixa did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters.

a g 1 All banks included in the complaint sought and are waiting for an appearance. Triangle Bank not found.

In a note, Nu Pagamentos stated that it “is not an organization eligible to offer this product and does not offer a payroll card.”

Santander reported that the Consumer Protection Center of the Public Defender’s Office (Nudecon) in Rio de Janeiro did not request it, nor did the Department of Justice. “The bank confirms that all its products and services are in compliance with the regulation and that it is available to the competent authorities to provide clarifications.”