February 21, 2024

Weekly dividend schedule

Posted at 6:01 pm

Check out the companies paying dividends this week below:

Monday 29


On Monday, the company paid one of three installments of R$32 million and R$500,000 of the interim dividend announced on April 14. The shares have been trading ex-dividend since May 19. The share price is 0.04 Brazilian real.

Petz (PETZ3)

Petz is paying the dividend declared on April 24 on that date. The amount is R$0.01054754952 per share.

Persons registered as shareholders of the Company, at the close of the B3 trading session on April 24, 2023 (the Essential Date) will be entitled to receive the dividend declared. The shares have been trading “without dividends” since April 25, 2023.

Gerdau (GGBR4)

On Monday, the 29th, Gerdau will pay interest on the principal announced on May 3. The amount per common and preferred share of Gerdau’s JCP is R$0.51.

Since May 16, 2023 inclusive, these shares are traded on the stock exchange with no right to proceeds.

Miter (MTRE3)

Miter Realty Empreendimentos e Participações is paying an interim dividend of R$0.16939607197 per common share declared on May 11. It is based on the stock position on May 18, 2023. Since May 19, the shares are trading ex-dividend.

Tuesday 30

Metallurgical Gerdau (GOAU4)

Metalúrgica Gerdau on Tuesday pays the dividend and interest on shares (JCP) announced on May 3. The dividend amount for each common and preferred share is R$0.05. The amount per JCP share is R$0.25. Since May 16, 2023, inclusive, negotiations are being conducted without the right to receive profits.

Graziotin (CGRA3, CGRA4)

Grazziotin (CGRA3, CGRA4) also pays interest on shares on Tuesday. The JCP relates to the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022, as approved at the Annual General Meeting held last April 26.

The interest on equity refers to two events, the first in the aggregate amount of R$21,900,000.00, which will result in the net income tax amount of R$18,615,000.00. For each common and preferred share, the gross amount to be credited will be R$1.133378 and the net amount will be R$0.963372.

The second is of the total amount of R$12 million, whose net income tax value will result in R$10 million and R$200,000. For each common and preferred share, the gross amount to be added will be R$ 0.620255 and the net amount will be R$ 0.527217.

Wed 31

Raya Drugasell (RADL3)

Raia Drogasil (RADL3) on Wednesday pays the additional dividend approved in April of R$0.047923965 per share. Shareholders will be eligible to participate on April 24, 2023. From April 25, the shares are trading “ex-dividend”.

Dim (PNVL3)

Dimed (PNVL3) pays the third installment of JCP that was approved last year on that date. The amount is R$0.14306426 per share. Repayment will be made without any cash or interest rephrase, as per Contribution Center on 12/26/2022.

Course (RAIL3)

Romo pays the approved dividend at the annual general meeting held on April 19th. The amount is 0.06601748675130 BRL per common share. The said dividend will be calculated on the basis of the shareholding position on April 19, 2023, and since April 20, the shares are trading as “ex-dividend” dividends.

Plan and Plan (PLPL3)

Plano e Plano (PLPL3) pays an approved dividend in April of R$0.16014087543 per common share. You are entitled to acquire and hold the vested shares until the base date of April 28, 2023. The shares have been trading “without a dividend” since May 2, 2023.

Cosan (CSAN3)

Cosan (CSAN3) also on Wednesday paid the dividend approved by the general meeting in the amount of R$0.42857979 per share. The basis for the calculation is the shareholding position on May 18, 2023 (the base date), and since May 19 the shares are trading “without dividends”.

Hellbor (HBOR3)

Helbor Empreendimentos pays dividends approved by the General Meeting in the amount of R$0.0905891033 per share. Holders of the common shares will be entitled to receive them on April 28, 2023. The shares have been trading “ex-dividend” since May 2, 2023.

Thursday, June 1

Bradsco (BBDC4)

On Thursday, the first, Bradesco pays the monthly amount of interest on principal, as reported on the December 26 last year schedule. Persons holding shares on May 2 are entitled. The net amount, net of income tax, is 0.014662352 BRL per common share and 0.016128588 BRL per preferred share.

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