February 26, 2024
Myra Cardi breathes on eye surgery and health details

“what happened?”; Maíra Cardi posts a new photo and followers suspect she’s using photo editing software


Maíra Cardi posted a new photo on social media, but ended up being accused of being excessively editing

Myra Cardi raised doubts about photo editing
© Reproduction / InstagrammiracardiMyra Cardi raised doubts about photo editing

Myra Cardi posted a series of photos on her Instagram account this Sunday (30), but it ended up arousing suspicion in her fans and followers. In the clicks, the fitness inspiration appears in a bikini, on a swing, and many people were suspicious of the excessive use of photo editing software.

Many praised the beauty of the slimming coach, but most were skeptical about the details: the hips seemed thinner. One fan noted, “I also noticed that her leg was out of proportion to her hip.” Another asked, “Where is that woman’s belly?” A third asked, “What happened?”

On the other hand, in response, other fans of Mayra Cardi responded by pointing to the possible weight loss of the coach. Someone said, “Didn’t you get thinner, right? You’d better know before you get accused.” Another commented, “Maybe I lost some weight, huh.”

Recently, Myra Cardi surprised everyone and announced her separation from Arthur Aguiar, the champion of BBB 22. The singer, who was defended by his wife with her teeth and nails during confinement, received a prize of 1.5 million Brazilian reais “by foot on again”, with a huge advantage over the holder of the position The second, Paulo Andre. On Instagram, the profile influential It was direct: “The end of our journey together, but the beginning of a new path that is better for both of us,” she wrote in the caption. Together since 2017, the couple walked down the aisle with only five months of relationship and starred in several controversies involving infidelity. Between coming and going, Myra and Arthur maintained the relationship for 5 years.

Update at 08:16 on October 31, 2022:

To correct an error, the note was edited in its last paragraph, which describes Myra Cardi as a “nutritional.” This information is incorrect.