April 13, 2024
WhatsApp: 5 functions that can be accessed in the application and that you must know |  Social media

WhatsApp: 5 functions that can be accessed in the application and that you must know | Social media

The The WhatsApp Working on features that may be added in future updates. Meta app is available for mobile phones Android And Iphone (iOS), has many functions in the testing phase, such as the premium version of The WhatsApp Business, add group polls, watch status via chat and much more. In the publications from the WABetaInfo website, it is already possible to learn about how the functions work.

It is worth noting that while testing the features, they will not necessarily be implemented in the messaging app. Check out, below, five resources you can reach for The WhatsApp In the future.

Check out what functions can be implemented in WhatsApp in future updates – Image: Reproduction / Getty Images

The WhatsApp Business “Premium”

One feature the messenger is testing is the optional subscription plan for business accounts. The The WhatsApp Business Premium should bring additional features for businesses, such as the ability to link a business account on up to ten devices. In addition, according to the WABetaInfo portal, the messenger is working on a new interface for the “Linked Device” section of the commercial version of the application. Not yet released.

Interface for Connected Devices section is in development – Image: Publicity / WABetaInfo

Create and answer surveys in groups

Another feature that should arrive in the future update of the messaging app is the group polls functionality. Apparently, the tool will allow you to create and answer polls in groups, similar to the functionality of Telegram. Feature interface under test, discovered in mobile beta Android And Iphone, a large message bubble appears where you can select the answer option and click on “Vote” to calculate the vote. The selected option will be shared with other chat participants.

Planning group polls in beta – Photo: Disclosure / WABetaInfo

Keep temporary messages in chat

Another feature in development by The WhatsApp Seen in beta for Iphone It is the ability to keep temporary messages that disappear after a certain time in the chat. In the beta version, a warning appears on the screen asking if the user wants to keep the message in the chat. If you change your mind, apparently, you can also go back and make the message temporary again.

Users will be able to keep temporary messages in beta – Image: Disclosure / WABetaInfo

Location and time stickers, as in Instagram

The The WhatsApp It refreshes current location and time stickers which can be added to status photos and videos. The model under development is similar to the content stickers of Instagram. In the trial version, The WhatsApp Use APIs from Android To create the user’s site and create the custom poster. Unlike the current feature where the sticker is named “location”, future stickers will be represented by the name assigned to the location.

WhatsApp is reworking its location and time stickers – Image: Disclosure / WABetaInfo

See status updates directly from the chat guide

Seeing status updates directly from the chat guide is a must-have functionality for Whatsapp – Image: Reproduction: Wabetainfo

The The WhatsApp It should also announce the release of a functionality that allows you to check for contacts status updates directly from the chat directory. Similar to stories Instagram, a green “circle” will be displayed around the profile picture of the user adding a status, so that you can check for an update by clicking on the picture. If added, the tool will allow more people to check the Status section of the messaging app.

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