June 23, 2024

WhatsApp: How to use new message reactions

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Imagem de: WhatsApp: como usar as novas reações de mensagens

The The WhatsApp Receive Big update lately Bringing a long-awaited novelty: Message feedback. It is present in other messaging apps, such as Slack, and the new one is already available in the latest versions of Meta messenger.

Currently, message interactions have six emojis that can be used in messages: ????????????. According to those in charge of the app, more options should be adopted in the future.

The WhatsApp

The stickers appear right below the messages, as long as the app has been updated on the device that received and sent the chat. That is, to start using the new version, it is necessary to verify that your WhatsApp is on the latest version of Android And iOS.

If you want to get a new wave of reactions on WhatsApp, check out the tutorial on how to use the function below:

How to use WhatsApp reactions for mobile

1 – Make sure that your application is in the latest version;

2 – In a group or personal chat, select a message and tap the text bubble;

WhatsApp reaction

3 – When the reaction emoji appears, select one of the six options;

4 – A reaction icon will appear at the bottom of the message. To remove it, just tap on the message again.

Currently, WhatsApp message interactions can only be used in the mobile version of the messenger. However, Meta is already doing some tests on Apply the new feature to WhatsApp Web.

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