February 25, 2024
Photo editing within WhatsApp is gaining new tools

WhatsApp users will be able to reply to what they don’t like

WhatsApp recently released a new tool for its beta (beta) release. Here, users can quickly reply to messages within the app with emojis. Messenger testers have now received a new update for Android devices.

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From now on, reactions embedded on the platform can show any emotion through emojis. Initially, there were only 6 possible reactions, but now the “+” symbol has been found. This means that users will be able to respond however they want.

How will the new WhatsApp work?

WhatsApp has a series of emojis to use in conversations. Actually, this is not the leading app in this topic, but it is probably the most popular app for this feature. For some time now, the messenger has been running some tests to implement emojis in reactions within the platform.

The information was published by the specialized website WABetaInfo. The portal is an expert in finding and revealing hidden news in the beta version of the application. All results related to WhatsApp news are published and posted there. Among them is the possibility of greater application of emoji within the messenger.

WhatsApp expands the number of emojis to interact

The announcement came after a review of the latest WhatsApp beta update According to the report, when you long press on a message, the app can suggest reactions using emojis.

During the tests, at least 6 emojis were suggested on WhatsApp: thumb-up hand, heart, crying, laughing, shocked face, and praying hands. It is worth noting that these are the most comprehensive emojis that can be used in most situations. This should greatly facilitate quick responses with emojis which are already implemented by the application’s virtual keyboard.

You can use any emoji

The portal even indicates a ‘+’ in the emoji suggestion display box. This indicates that other types of stickers can generate reactions to messages within the app.

However, the news has not yet been officially released and has no date to extend it to the general public. Meaning, there is no speculation about how the feature will affect the official version of the software. It is known that the WhatsApp news came out recently as the tests were approved and many of them are in the final application.

This is why it is worth betting on this new emoji reactions feature in the most popular messengers in recent times.