March 4, 2024
WhatsApp will hit allowed emojis in reaction to messages

WhatsApp will hit allowed emojis in reaction to messages

WhatsApp will hit the allowed emojis in the messages reaction. Check out more about what’s new and see who can actually use the function

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In recent days, WhatsApp has launched another feature for its users. This function allows you to reply to messages with emojis. You must have already used this novelty in some of your conversations.

But now, apparently, WhatsApp will update this news soon. This is because Meta is developing a new function, which will allow you to double the emoji allowed in the interaction of messages. So, to find out more, check it out below.

WhatsApp will hit the allowed emoji

According to Meta, the idea is that in addition to the existing emojis available to respond to messages, WhatsApp will release other emojis. Thus, users of the application will soon be able to reply to messages using all available “small faces”.

Currently, according to the information released, users of the and beta versions of Android can now use the new feature. In addition, the beta version for iOS also has a novelty. If you are using one of these versions, just go to your app and reply to the message. If the emoji tab shows a “plus” icon, you have the new feature.

Finally, although the feature was launched gradually for some users, WhatsApp does not have a scheduled date to implement the tool in the stable version of the app. So, if you don’t have the functionality available, just wait until you can reply to messages with the emoji you like best!

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